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About Me

Writer. Editor. Educator.

I am a writer, editor, educator, and all-around creative force. In the world of fiction, storytelling is, and always has been, my passion because we can't create a better world without first imagining one. I champion fiction because most of our lives are built on the intangible fictions we are constantly weaving into reality as a society.

Outside of the world of fiction, I have a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies/Creative Writing from Thomas More University and a Master of Arts in Publishing and Professional Writing from Emerson College. I’ve pursued these degrees because of my interest in the way storytelling, the dissemination of information, and politics intersect; I’m passionate about marrying the pragmatic and the creative.


Picture credit to teban.ea @ Instagram

Academic Editing Samples

Developmental and Copy Editing Sample

Academic Writing Sample

Fiction Publications

Lost Souls

March 1, 2024

An experiment in style using the second-person and future progressive tense. This short story is a medication on what it means to try and save a "lost" soul.

A Detailed Description of a House

December 12, 2023

A short horror story written as a Patreon exclusive for Creepy podcast. A woman gives a detailed description of a house, but not whatever lies inside.

Potato Demon

2020 Edition

A comedic short story accepted by Emerson College's undergraduate magazine, Stork Magazine.

Momentary Unbalance

December 1, 2018

A ten-minute play which was accepted by the winter edition of The Bluffton University Literary Jounral:The Bridge.

Non-Fiction Publications

You Should Diversify Your Horror Rec List

March 2023

A short recommendation list for diverse horror novels and why the reader should care. Written for Wrong Publishing's blog.

Gatekeeping Immorality: How Publishing is Creating a Monopoly on the Perverse

March 2023

An analysis on how self-publishing has a higher "moral" standard than bigger, traditional publishing, and how this disparity is the fault of advertising interfering with equal creative expression.

Challenging the Best to Be Better

May 1, 2018

A nonfiction piece I wrote for Thomas More University's Moreover. It's a spotlight piece on the James Graham Brown Honor Program highlighting the experiences of several alumni.


Work done in Photoshop, Procreate, and Illustrator

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